Friday, May 17, 2013

Found in Libraries

I was reviewing a few issues of Raw for an upcoming exhibit.  This is one of their early issues, Volume1, No. 2 from 1980.  The curator would like to display the cover but I still look through the whole magazine

 to make sure there aren't any hidden difficulties with putting the item on display.  And in this issue, I found a special prize from the publisher.

do you see it?  Take a closer look...can you guess what it is?

Yes, it's bubble gum!  Although, it is so dry and brittle that it has broken into little pieces, which in a way is a good thing too otherwise I might be a little worried about the gum attracting pests.  But I saw no signs of insect interest when looking through the magazine.  So all is well for the book to go on exhibit.

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bugheart said...

i wonder if
there are bugs
that prefer