Friday, July 6, 2012

More Tape Progress

Another week, another Randolph letter, and yet another type of tape.  Again, I started my testing protocol, but this time, I decided to take a picture of the tape residue with my cell phone, and keep the image handy while I tested.

I often track my progress by stopping the application of solvent and lifting the piece to check for residue on the chromatography paper.  The process can be a little clumsy if you have a large piece of paper (although in this case I don't), but what can be really tricky is noticing progress, especially if the adhesive residue doesn't stain the chromatography paper.  I find myself wondering "is this acetone doing anything?"

But having this "before" picture right next to the actual piece I can look back and forth and and notice very quickly even minimal change in the adhesive residue on the letter.  Very cool.

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