Thursday, April 3, 2008


I moved to take a new job and be the first ever conservator at my new library. Thanks to a grant there is money to build a lab and while the space I have to work with is a little on small side, I know that once I have a chance, I'll be able to get a lot of treatment done in there.

I started working on the layout and equipment lists as so as I got here, but so far, I have been frustrated by the quirks of the facilities department who seem to move at a slower pace as they renovate my space. The good news is that the cabinets, sinks, benches and shelving are on order and should be delivered in late August. Hopefully, the in-house facilities folks will have the lab space ready to receive!

I am eager to get started, jump in and get working on all the collection material, just as I was hired to do, but so far, it has been a study in patience. Meanwhile, I can at least check one item off my list!

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